MeChat is like your Personal Assistant

MeChat is like your Personal Assistant

MeChat is like a personal assistant, your own private space and recorder in one. Get a full demo of the features of MeChat and all its uses in just minutes.

The Easy Way to Send and Share Files, Images, Documents and Links

The Easy Way to Send, Share and Store Documents, Images, Links and Files. Stop hunting for files. Use the NYNJA way to quickly find the documents, images and media you need right away.

Translation and Transcription

In this training session see how to use the Translation and Transcription features in NYNJA. Instant translation means there’s no need to copy and paste into another program, it’s all right there. Transcription is handy for when you can’t listen to an audio message, such as in a meeting or a noisy location. Together they are magic!

Managing Groups

In this training session we take a look at groups, because these days we’re all conversing with colleagues in online chat, meetings or video calls. Co-Founder Marshall Taplits will share his years of experience as a team manager, and give you actionable tips for managing groups on NYNJA.

Your NYNJA Dashboard

Get to know the NYNJA Dashboard, notifications and alerts. It’s a great spot to start when you launch NYNJA to know what you want to do or look at first.

Managing Your Contacts

In this Speed Training learn how to add and manage contacts, book meetings, and start or schedule voice and video calls.

Secrets of Screen Sharing on NYNJA for Live Presentations

Learn The Secrets Of Screen Sharing with Marshall Taplits NYNJA Co-Founder: see how quick and easy it is to set up and deliver an online presentation with NYNJA screen sharing technology. Have your audience view your presentation without the need for software, just a web browser.

Tips for Working from Home with NYNJA

In this first video you will learn how to quickly set up a meeting and get up and running in less than 5 minutes!