With better meeting management we increased our new business close rates 30% after switching to the platform.

Robert V New York, NY

Every month we are saving more than $1500 since we switched to Nynja; and managing one subscription instead of 5, has definitely been valuable .

Samantha J Omaha, NE

We are in the medical field, so compliance matters, and other tools don't offer the HIPAA standards we need. Nynja feels super-secure.

Madison G Sacramento, CA

NYNJA is a great software because everything is in one place and easy to find.

David Cadorett Senior Tax Accountant DMCPA.

The key features are the video conference with screen share

Jesus Martinez V.P.Business Development tanis Concrete.

NYNJA offers a cost efficient and global communication solution…

William R. Burns Carluccio Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks L.L.C.

Nynja provides me with high speed, virtually unlimited file size transfers…

G.E. Dunn GM Micrometals Alloy Powder Cores.

When a daily shift is in progress, all employees are totally connected to each other

Pam Caucino Supervisor Lavallette Beach Badge Checkers.

Mr Guerrieri has been very supportive in the launch of this video platform…He has been a pleasure to work with

Susan Witkowski RMC Township of Washington,N,J

Nynja has been tremendous asset

Micheal Joyce Joyce Properties LLC